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Subject: [Leica] For the Birds!
From: leicagalpal at (Kit McChesney)
Date: Wed Sep 22 07:34:28 2004

Have y'all received the latest Leica newsletter? One of the attractions at
Photokina is going to be a specially designed set to house birds of prey for
observers to watch! They're going to have a trained falconer on hand for the
festivities! Now why can't we have wonderfully outrageous events like that
around here? ;-)

Kit (who wants to fly the coop, but can't!)


Here's the excerpt from the newsletter, for your enjoyment:

__At the photokina: "Weitblick" - the flying display of birds 
  of prey with free testing of Leica binoculars and scopes

The "Weitblick" promotion offered for the first time at this 
year's photokina is an extra special event for nature lovers 
and birdwatchers. Every day from September 28th to 
October 3rd 2004, birdwatchers and nature lovers will have 
the opportunity to watch the flying display of the birds of 
prey of the game preserve Hellenthal from 11 a.m. to 6 
p.m. Visitors interested in watching the flying skills of a total 
of seven kinds of birds of prey (including eagles, vultures 
and various types of falcon) in more detail on a specially 
erected outside stage on the banks of the river Rhine can 
borrow Leica high-end binoculars and scopes free of 
charge. The flying display will be conducted under the 
expert control of a trained falconer at a distance of about 80 
meters from the stage. The stage is on the Kennedy bank 
only a few steps from the main entrance to the Cologne 
fair. At the photokina weekend, the platform on the banks of 
the Rhine is open to the general public as well.

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Subject: [Leica] WAS: Black and White C41 Film now.... SCRATCHES!

Adam Bridge said:
Subject: Re: [Leica] Re: FW: Black and White C41 Film

> The scratches only show up on the negatives I process myself, not on
> ones that I send out, either color or CN black and white even if I
> scan without digital ICE. And it happens with three different cameras:
> two M6's and one . . . R8! (Just to connect to another thread
> happening here.)
> I actually DID have the R8 scratch my film - it was picked up by the
> lab I use for E6 who called me and I had the camera cleaned. (I
> definately like this lab.)<<<<<<<

Hi Adam,
I have to ask... If you only find scratches on the film you develop, is it
not possible some how you are doing the scatching when handling the film?

How do you get the film out of the casset? Pull it out the felt slot or do
you pop the end cap off and take the roll out into hand and load the reel
free hand?

And did you only have one roll scratched in the R8, the one the lab said
"they found it?" Or have you had many rolls scratched in the same R8?  And
if so, have you "louped" the pressure plate looking for anything that might
cause this? Because if you've only had one roll scratched in your R8 it
leaves a great deal of doubt that it was the camera.


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