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Subject: [Leica] new 1ds mark II
From: dstella1 at (Dante Stella)
Date: Wed Sep 22 05:10:24 2004
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I have a Kodak 14n - with 14Mp and no antialiasing filter, and believe 
me, with good lenses there is a world of difference between a 6MP and a 
14MP image.  The primary difference is being able to crop.  Dealeras 
have been showing prints of everything from 1MP up in an attempt to 
lower the bar on image quality - but completely ignore the fact that 
you often can't get the framing you want at the time of the picture.

The thing I find objectionable about most DLSRs is the use of 
antialiasing (fuzz) filters  that degrade the performance of all of 
your expensive optics - requiring post-sharpening.  That's where the 
Kodak excels - there is no automatic dumbing down, so sharpening, if 
any, is very mild.

This arrangement, though, is not forgiving of cheap optics.  But I 
suppose at the price where the camera sells, it's not a stretch to get 
a 28/1.4, 28-70/2.8 and 105/2.  Since I bought the camera for less than 
an MP body, it makes Leica look really expensive.


On Sep 21, 2004, at 4:18 PM, Dan C wrote:

> Is 16.7 mp even required?   My dealer showed me two well made prints on
> 13x19 paper of the same subject shot by a 6mp Canon 10D and an 11 mp 
> Canon
> 1Ds.  They were indistinguishable to me, and, I was told, to everyone 
> else
> who made the same comparison.   And they both looked stunning, by the 
> way.
>  So why 16.7mp?   Is this just a marketing scam?  When does it stop?
> -dan c.
> At 12:36 PM 21-09-04 -0700, Feli di Giorgio wrote:
>> On Tue, 2004-09-21 at 12:04, B. D. Colen wrote:
>>> Wow, you sure rack up those numbers fast...$1500 for CF cards? You 
>>> can
>>> get a 1gig, 80x card for about $139 - call it $140.
>> Considering that you can only get about 20 shots at full res on a 1GB
>> card (1024MB / 50MB = 20.48), I would think you would need at least 10
>> of them. Would you go on a job with less than 10 rolls? A lot of
>> shooters tend to "machine gun" their subjects these days and pick the
>> "decisive moment" out of a sequence generated by a frame burst. Maybe
>> you want to run in a dual card setup where the RAW files go to one and
>> JPGS to another so you can transmit asap.
>>> So even if you need
>>> four of them, that's $560, not $1500! And disk space? I just bought 
>>> an
>>> external 250 gig usb2/firewire drive for $299. Where are you getting
>>> these numbers? :-)
>> I would not trust a single drive system with a paying job. I would 
>> build
>> a mirrored array about 500MB in size, which would be failsafe short of
>> the building burning down. So, by the time you buy the drives, a case
>> and a raid controller plus software you are looking at a solid $1000
>> bucks. $1500 may have been a little high, but you still have to figure
>> out a reliable longterm storage solution and that's not a backup on to
>> DVD/CD or tape. Maybe sending the frames to a film recorder as an
>> additional safety precaution would be a smart thing to do...
>>> Yes, if you already have a fortune invested in an R system, and don't
>>> want to dump it, then it might make sense to go with the back...But 
>>> if
>>> not...My point is that you were saying the full-frame Canon is
>>> expensive, when in fact it offers infinitely more in the way of both
>>> features and image potential than the R back, yet is virtually the 
>>> same
>>> price as the R back. So if the Canon is over priced, what's the R 
>>> back?
>>> ;-)
>> I never compared it to the R-back. To me that's a whole different
>> ballgame. And if I was a shooting pro I would have serious concerns
>> about using the R-back on a daily basis as my main or perhaps only 
>> body.
>> If I was using a camera which is entirely electronic and sensitive to
>> dust and moisture I would want as much sealing as I could get and that
>> means buying a pro level Nikon or Canon.
>> Feli
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Dante Stella

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