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Subject: [Leica] Epson RD-1
From: leicagalpal at (Kit McChesney)
Date: Mon Sep 20 14:06:39 2004

Well, the second call to Epson inside sales just now produced this response:

'We have no information about that.' 

That's it. And a promise that 'we submit feedback to upper management on
Thursdays, and I can pass that information along for you.' Uh-huh. Okay.
Yep. Sure. 

Think they're waiting for Photokina? Maybe I should give y'all the phone
number and if 500 M-users called them up three times a day they'd relent? Or
double the price! 

Hurry up and wait! ;-)


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Kit McChesney
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I am telling you that not only can you buy the thing, but that one of my
clients has one, and is happily shooting with it! He got it from someone on
Ebay, I believe it was a dealer in Hong Kong. I'll have to check me sources
on that one. 

But yes, it's there, and it's real. I've yet to hear back today from that
very excited sales rep, though. I'll go back and knock on his door again and
see what happens. 

Stay tuned! 


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Tim Atherton
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Subject: RE: [Leica] Epson RD-1

> So my question of the morning is, does anyone on the LUG own an Epson
> RD-1 yet? I have one client who has bought one from a dealer in Hong
> Kong, and he's enjoying the camera immensely (the only camera he took on
> a recent trip, and he's got other M-cameras),

Hey hey hey - hold on - wait a minute - when I went travelling a few weeks
ago all the LUG knowitalls swore blind and double dutch that the Epson RD-1
was pure vapourware and would never see the light of day - or at the very
most had been announced much too early in it's very earliest R&D and might
even be as slow coming to market as the "real" digital M - on top of which
Epson and Cosina probably didn't really have the nous to actually produce
such a camera...

And you are telling me you can actually buy the thing now?


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