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Subject: Fish (WAS: [Leica] Lost Faith in Leica) (Nathan Wajsman)
From: dorysrus at (Don Dory)
Date: Sun Sep 19 17:55:38 2004

Despite some new research about prions in the muscle portion of infected
animals; most of the research indicates no issues with muscle based
meat.  You just want to avoid central nervous system bits and pieces.
Sausage would not be a good idea from an unknown source, but a nice bit
of smoked tenderloin would be quite good.

Also, if you know your hunter friend, you have to assume that he/she
would not take down a sick "downer" animal.

Paranoia is sometimes useful, just know the facts.


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>My answer to cute overpopulated deer is a 100# recurved bow and a state
>license.  Venison is such a good source of high quality protein that I
>wouldn't want any to go to waste. :)

I dunno.... Deer in Minnesota are suffering from a Chronic Wasting 
Disease that is pretty much the same prion base as CJD and Mad Cow 

I was offered some venison at a BBQ by one of my neighbors who is a 
deer hunter and kindly declined... :-(

Karen @ paranoid about the food system

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