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Subject: [Leica] fish (OT? say fried Leicatfish)
From: jean.louchet at (Jean Louchet)
Date: Sun Sep 19 11:30:56 2004

Hi all,

 As a Frenchman with some percentage of Spanish origins (with many
percentages in fact), I agree that Paris is not the right place to get
good food - except some specialist's places with huge prices which leave a
bitter aftertaste into the bank account. I have been finding exquisite
food in lots of places in France, most often in very unknown places,
rarely in big cities (contrary to Spain). I would say that Italy may have
my preferred cuisine but all three countries are playing in the same
 Concerning desserts the best cakes in the world (= the best chocolate and
cream cakes) are to be found in Catalunya (ask for a St Marc and a glass
of dry Jerez Oloroso or of Tres Cortados...)
 My Spanish grandmother, who was born in 1893 and left Spain in 1904, told
me (long ago!) that when she was a child (i.e. before 1904) fish was
absolutely fresh not only in San Sebastian or Malaga (both places where
she spent a couple of years), but more amazingly in places far from the
coast in Castilla, which at that time required something like 2 nights and
one day to reach from the nearest coast, using "speedy" mules, high roads
in the mountains and lots, lots of ice and salt... Some senior luggers may
have experimented how Spanish roads were up to the late 60s! Fish is
central in Spanish cookery and the central (now air-conditioned) market in
Madrid is still impressive.

Jean (Louchet i Carol) eating excellent vitlok sild (raw sweet herring with garlic sauce)
in Stockholm before getting back to Cerdanya!

P.S. found a nice photo shop in Stockholm, LP Foto at Ra[o]dmansgatan 39
Nice people, interesting classic leicas there, they will organise a
classic camera auction on 4th december. For those among you who have saved
a bit of money for their next holidays on the moon, you will have to save
even a bit more as they will be selling at the December auction an
apparently genuine Nasa Moon Hasselblad with the biogon 38mm, Compur,
70-mm 200 exp. magasin and its fairly agricultural finder.


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> Date: Sun, 19 Sep 2004 11:18:11 +0200
> From: Nathan Wajsman <>
> Subject: Re: Fish (WAS: [Leica] Lost Faith in Leica) (Nathan Wajsman)
> To: Leica Users Group <>
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> I fully back F?lix regarding San Sebastian. It was a wonderful city and 
> we left with very food stomachs and very satisfied palates. I don't know 
> about Paris, I have been there many times but have not really eaten well 
> there--probably did not go to the right places, because the food in 
> other parts of France has been exquisite. But if I am to pick a country 
> for the best overall food (not 3-star Michelin, but in daily life), it 
> would be a close contest between Spain and Italy, with (for me) Spain 
> the winner by a slim margin.
> Nathan
> F?lix L?pez de Maturana wrote:
> >>The best fresh fish I have had in my life was in San Sebastian in the
> >>Basque country. We were staying in a hotel overlooking the city, and
> >>every morning around 7 a.m. we saw the fishermen coming back. The same
> >>evening we would go to the restaurants and eat that fish. Fantastic!
> > 
> > 
> > I can back it as I was born in San Sebastian where fishermen get out at 
> > four
> > in the morning and get back for selling captures before lunch. Eating 
> > fresh
> > fish is a common habit but more and more we are going to frozen factory 
> > ship
> > fish...what a pity. Perhaps Natham could back my opinion that San 
> > Sebastian,
> > with Paris, is one of the best sites in the world for getting excellent
> > food...
> > 
> > Felix
> >