Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 2004/09/17

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Subject: [Leica] light leaks + Zeiss + Stockholm
From: jean.louchet at (Jean Louchet)
Date: Fri Sep 17 12:21:18 2004

Hej all,

As I am very lazy I will only send one message for several different

 -1 about the light leaks, I heard somewhere (on the lug perhaps last
year???) that this could well be caused by some tiny bits of film that
would have gone into the shutter curtains guide rails. Probably worth a
check before taking it to the workshop. Never had that on the M6 or M2.

 -2 about the Zeiss, I have downloaded the image$File/BwP-28.jpg
but I can't find any comment on the Zeiss site. It does not look as a
Konica clone - seems to have a winding lever? (I could not open the other
pictures mentioned) and a flat face (if I recall the Konica has got some
protuberance on the front to get the winder or its batteries, am I
right?). It looks more similar to the good old Minolta CLE with the rewind
button underneath (which is a very good feature of the CL and CLE as it
doesn't eat up space for the finder) but this one has got an obviously
longer rangefinder base. Years ago I had a dreadful experience with the
Zeiss Icarex35S build quality (8 major repairs in 2 years of careful use)
but the 1.8/50 Ultron (a Voigtlander, not CV design) was truly outstanding
and I missed it a long time (until the Nokton actually). I think this was
a difficult period for Zeiss, just after their merger with Voigtlander and
before even harder times...

 -3 I am in Stockholm now, does any lugger know where are the good
photographic shops here?

 -4 back to users vs. collectors, well I must be both as I have got lots
of Russian cameras that are very good on windy days to hold my papers on
the table, but being a user is compatible with being a collector. I do
really use my Alex Singer bike for long travels and it is working hard
sometimes, but I was so glad two years ago when I had completed its
restoration to like-new condition before getting back to normal hard use.
I know it is a unique bike and I collect it!

Nice & enjoyable city, beautiful country here, beautiful pictures
hopefully. Took with me: M6, CLE, CV4.5/15, CV4/21, Rokkor
2/40, Nokton 1.5/50 (for shooting in museums), Elmar-C 4/90. The 21 is
just a bit long to shoot all of a rainbow, this makes the 15mm compulsory
in autumn in Sweden... Swedish rainbows are beautiful!

Best wishes


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