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Subject: [Leica] Lost Faith in Leica
From: DouglasMSharp at (Douglas M. Sharp)
Date: Sat Sep 18 02:04:18 2004
References: <> schrieb:

>you said:
>but now I've seen what's being announced for the coming Photokina I
>think Leica has now just about completely lost touch with what is going
>umm. er.. Photokina did not happen yet.  How can you make such a judgement? 
>Even Schlocky Pop Photo conceded that the (already introduced) D2 and the 
>coming R back are breakthroughs that no one else can match.  
>Geez give me a break, Resurrections take days, not minutes.
>Natchitoches, Louisiana
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Hi Sonny,

I'll get back to you on that on the 29th or 30th after I've been and
seen in Cologne.

I didn't say that what Leica has produced in the last couple of years was
not up to their usual standards of excellence, what's worrying me is that
they are losing touch with commercial good sense. I intend to stick with
Leica, as I have done over the years, and I still believe that their
are still unbeatable quality.
But should a resurrection be necessary?, in my books the word itself
says that you think
they were already dead.
What they need is a cure, a shot in the arm or a kick in the right place.
They still have the policy of announcing something, letting us drool
over the idea and then
letting us wait, and wait, and wait.I've already been to 3 camera events
where theyhad promised to demonstrate the digital back and I'm now sick
of their excuses.
I still have endless respect for a company which is prepared to, and
does produce and supply perfection. I just think they should get their
act together, bite the bullet and diversify into the realms of
profitable reality - they don't need to earn our respect
they have it already, and they won't lose face either, as we can all be
assured that their top-line
stuff will be the same as ever, ie perfect. My real worry is that they
will perfectionise themselves
out of the market and into bankruptcy in the foreseeable future.

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