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Subject: [Leica] All bets are off
From: telyt at (Doug Herr)
Date: Fri Sep 17 21:11:22 2004

on 9/17/04 4:53 PM, Douglas M. Sharp at wrote:

> But Doug,
> As we all know you love and cherish your SL (SL2?) viewfinders. Has
> Leica managed to even equal
> the clarity and brightness of these ?

My experience with the R8, admittedly limited, suggests that Leica has done
a damned fine job with the viewfinder.  IMHO it's nearly as good as the SL
viewfinder.  None of the AF SLR viewfinders I've seen has come close.

If I didn't mind centered compositions I could let the AF do its thing and
use a fast enough ISO that I can stop down a bit to make up for a slight
misfocus.  Instead I want to focus the image *as composed* so that I can
make the exposure before the critter turns it head or winks.  The
focus-recompose-shoot work-around doesn't work for me.

Many wildlife photographers use manual focus to fine-tune the focus for what
is considered the most difficult photos, birds in flight.  It seems they
want the focus to be on the eye, not on the near wingtip.  I want to use a
viewfinder that lets me do this, even with eyes that are over 50 years old.
The SL and the R8 let me do this.

Doug Herr
Birdman of Sacramento

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