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Subject: [Leica] All bets are off
From: bladman99 at (Dan C)
Date: Fri Sep 17 19:19:14 2004
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I know it's difficult to judge digital quality from a magazine
reproduction, but the #6 issue this year of Leica Fotographie has some
sample photos (printed in the magazine at 305 dpi using a new printing
process called "crystal rastor technology") taken with the R digital back
that are really stunning.  If 10mp is capable of this, I really doubt that
12 or 16 or 279 mp will be much of an improvement. 

-dan c.

At 11:18 PM 17-09-04 -0230, Greg Locke wrote:
>I'm sure the R back will be fine and current R users will pick it up.
>The question is what will people like me do. Someone who needs to upgrade
>gear in the new year.
>I already have some Nikon lenses and digital bodies but I also will need
>some new SLR film bodies in the new year.
>Right now all my film work is shot on chrome with M6's. (And a burrowed F4
>if I need long glass)
>Do I stick with Nikon? The D2X eliminates all the complaints I have with the
>D1x and the D100 ...and based on the spec sheet is a damn fine camera. Nikon
>didn't wait 3 three years letting Canon have all the glory to turn out a
>dud. I THINK I might actually learn to like digital with the D2x where I
>only tolerate it now.
>...or do I ditch the bit of Nikon gear I have and get a R film/digital combo
>...and what about that rumour of a digital back for the new F6?  :^)
>These are business decision that have to be made soon by many photographers
>and all this gear is really about pro use. Those that can affort it as a
>hobby still don't have the same considerations as a pro user.
>Greg Locke
>St. John's, Newfoundland
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>> How much faith do we all have in a R digital back to fufill 
>> our digital needs?
>> Or are most planning to go canon/nikon digital route?
>> Eric
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