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Subject: [Leica] Lost Faith in Leica
From: jls at (Jeffery Smith)
Date: Fri Sep 17 19:12:11 2004

That was sort of my point. While Volvos were seen as high priced cars
that lasted a long time, other less expensive cars were made that last a
long time. So the Volvos lose some of that market share.

One of the professors at Dillard University bought a jag, and when I
took a ride in it, I was appalled. Instead of the rich, orange wood on
the dashboard that I remembered from the 1960's, it had wood-colored
contact paper on the dashboard. I think that might have been cheaper,
but I could be wrong.

Jeffery Smith
New Orleans, LA

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Remember when cars used to be praised if they made 100 000 miles (160 
000 km). Now we moan if they falter at twice that.

Remember when cars needed valve grinds every 50 000 miles (80 000 km) 
or less? I haven't done a valve grind on a modern car in years.**

Remember when you got a tune up every 5 000 to 10 000 miles (you do the 
math)? Heck on my Volvo, I change the plugs every 50 000 miles and that 
is it!

I could go on but it is plan fact that ALL cars are far more reliable 
and durable than any car was 25 years ago.

I am a European car specialist and to suggest that Ford made Jag worse 
is ridiculous. Hell Jags have improved beyond measure and now are a 
byword for reliability. A future, I can assure you, simply 
inconceivable to a mechanic in the seventies and eighties.

John Collier

** Still doing older Jags though :-)

On Sep 17, 2004, at 5:45 PM, Jeffery Smith wrote:

> Remember when a Volvo would last 11 years and American cars were
> designed to fall apart after 5? Well, Japanese cars now last 15 years,
> and American cars are still designed to fall apart after 5. So
> and Swedish cars are not in as much demand. Jaguars fall apart after 5
> (Ford helped that along).

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