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Subject: [Leica] All bets are off
From: mark at (Mark Rabiner)
Date: Fri Sep 17 16:56:53 2004

On 9/17/04 4:21 PM, "Feli di Giorgio" <> typed:

> On Fri, 2004-09-17 at 16:00, Douglas Herr wrote:
>> eric <> wrote:
>>> How much faith do we all have in a R digital back to fufill our digital
>>> needs?  Or are most planning to go canon/nikon digital route?
> Could turn out to be a good thing unless you need AF and 8fps.
> Supposedly the 10MP chip is based on the ones Imacon uses in their
> medium format backs, which aren't exactly shabby...
> Feli
It seems to be that in terms of viewing ones image there used to be you
looked at it on the groundglass and then closed it up and went from there
making sure you had it firmly emblazed in your cerebral cortex.
Then they came out with little viewfinder indicator thingies.
Then SLR's with their peek-a-boo effect.
Now you see it. Now you don't.
And when you don't' is when the picture got took.
And then rangefinders it strikes me I don't really know which came first.
People think SLR's started with 35mms but it just ain't so there was such a
thing as a Graflex and I'm not sure that was even the first:


"Midium,(sic) Large format SLR"

"This wood crafted SLR has been manufacturing from the beginning of this
century. The Super D in 1948 was the last model of Graflex which had a long
history since 1901, and continued till 1958."

But and then there is the groundglass which you look at with your twin lens
Rolleiflex which does not have that peek-a-boo effect. But you get
piggy-back effect instead.
And which you get Marflexed so you can actually see what's in there.
I think of this as a cross between rangefinder ethic and SLR.

But now we have a real crowbar in our mix.
And that's looking at a real-time display on the back of our camera in the
digital realm. Or less then real-time even.
And how that relates to our rangefinder cravings.
To me it's put my rangefinder cravings at bay somehow.
I just wanna use my Leica M glass.
Where's Marshall McCluen when we need him.
(hiding behind a point of purchase display)

They have these Imacon cameras which don't seem to care which kind of glass
someone duck tapes in front of them and which would just as soon be stuck on
the back of a view camera. That's the viewfinder digital new ethic for your.
And this is the company making the R module company for us. And which was
just "acquired" by Hasselblad care of the Hong Kong company who now owns
Holy Jacky Chan movies with Swedish subtitles!

Mark Rabiner
Portland Oregon

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