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Subject: [Leica] All bets are off
From: mark at (Mark Rabiner)
Date: Fri Sep 17 16:32:23 2004

On 9/17/04 7:51 AM, "B. D. Colen" <> typed:

> Well I'm sure glad it's a reliabir camera, but I really wish that it had
> digital capabilities.

Was somebody kidding when they said it had a digital back? I guess they

This camera seems to work on the principle of FLIM!! Not Lexar's.

I predicted a few weeks or months ago on the LUG that other camera systems,
namely Nikon would follow Leica's lead and come out with digital modules for
their flagship cameras. Especially if the module for the R is reasonably
successful in Leica terms.
IF that prediction DOES turn out to be at all true I'll try to remember to
register my Pineal Gland* with the Smithsonian.
Right next to the Wright brothers exhibit.

But in the PDF in which I'm having a little trouble with the fine print on
and which I printed out in blazing 2200 Epson pigments it states that one of
the ACCESSORIES for the camera is a super Coolscan 5000.
IT shows that accessory right next to a picture of a never ready case and
misc cords. Special Nikon version of such.
One of the cords (to strike a discordant note) looks like its for a
CompactFlash Lexar. Any chance that one those Lexars fits in there next to
your tri x cassette?
Fat chance. 
Also in that cluster is a picture of the electronic cable release.
A cable release used to cost your 4 bucks.
Now its 400. 
Right up there if not even higher than that on the Leica system which I know
is priced in the hysterical range.

Can anyone tell me where the 9 guys in the white Elvis costumes and the
violins are from? They look like they are going to beat up the photographer
after the film advances silently to the next frame.

To all those who say there will be no more Nikon F6 forever I say

People still shoot FLIM!!!!
(then then scan it and forget where they put it)

Mark Rabiner
Portland Oregon

"According to Funk & Wagnall's (Cheesy) Desk Dictionary:
Pineal Gland 
A small, reddish gray, vascular, conical body of rudimentary glandular
structure found in the brain and having no known function.
Well, having no known function to the Normals, anyway. It is the
psycho-metaphysical link between  Eris and Her children, the point where the
Realm of Ideas (and silly ones at that) touches the World of Substance, the
elusive bridge known to the Norse as Bifrost, the long-sought-after fulcrum
around which the quantum vectors of chance turn like a carousel -- the Large
Intestine, if you will, connecting the Discordian Insanity to that which it

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