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Subject: [Leica] day-for-night photography
From: kitmc at (Kit McChesney | Vuelux)
Date: Thu Sep 16 20:56:45 2004


Thanks for that! I can hear the music playing now, and can you see Perry in
his Thunderbird? That little narrative sure brings back memories. I loved
Perry Mason! And remember Paul, his private investigator? What a show! True

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Subject: Re: [Leica] day-for-night photography

I'll bet they used a monochromatic DFN filter in many scenes from one of my 
guilty pleasures:  the original Perry Mason TV series.  No not the specials 
from the 1980s where Raymond Burr was fat and had a beard.  I'm talking 
about the episodes from 1950s and early 1960s that were shot on B&W film.

Every other episode had this stock scene where Burr would be summoned to a 
client's aid late at night, only to discover a dead body.  It would look 
almost like night, but not quite right if you paid close attention.  And 
then he would pick up a phone with a handkerchief, and say, "Della, listen 
very carefully.  I want you to wait 15 minutes, then call Lt. Tragg.  Tell 
him to meet me up at the old Collins place..."


At 01:35 PM 9/16/04 -0700, Oliver Bryk wrote:
>Tiffen offers the Cool DFN filter, which is a lavender-blue color
>traditionally associated with dusk or twilight emulation with day-for-night
>effects. The Tiffen Monochromatic DFN filter is a bright yellow-green,
>almost the color complement (opposite) of the Cool DFN. When you use this,
>and perform the necessary color-correction in post processing, you will not
>have all of the original colors available, producing a more realistic
>monochromatic effect that simulates actual silvery moonlight.

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