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Subject: [Leica] Digilux digressions and dioramas part III, the thundering conclusion
From: scott at (Scott McLoughlin)
Date: Thu Sep 16 19:46:55 2004
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Thanks for the pointer to the FZ3.  Fascinating. A 35-400mm
f2.8 lens in a small P&S?  I'm no long time camera gear hound,
but I didn't think something like that was possible.

If Panasonic really wanted to mess with Leica's head (maybe
some of our heads?), they might stick one of these fast Leica-
designed (???) zoom lenses on a digicam with a nice, noise
resistant APS sized sensor.  I'm not all that in love with my
D70, but I am impressed with its performance at ISO 1000
and thereabouts.  Hmm, how about a fixed f2.8 Tri-Elmar
or 35/1.4 ASPH on an APS sensor equipped Panasonic
digicam for $500. The possibilites are downright weird :-)

More interesting is Panasonic's rapid product cycling. This
is just "good practice" in many technology industries, and
we can see  this norm at work with digicams and the low-
end DSLRs. 

But it doesn't fit that well with Leica's modus operandi or
gestalt or business scale or price-points or value prop or
Lord knows what.  Maybe Panasonic is a partner that can
help Leica get a piece of the photography-cum-consumer
electronics industry. And vice-versa, helpwise, of course.

As weird as it sounds, Panasonic might be a better majority
shareholder for Leica than Hermes.  More "synergies" :-)

Mark Rabiner wrote:

>Leica seems to have sold it's optical soul to the Panasonic Devil.
>I can see how they may have driven Panasonic crazy with it's amazing retro
>demands on the design of the Digilux 2.
>"What!? A shudder speed dial!!! It's inconceivable!"
>And they gave them the rights to also come out with their own cheaper sans
>red dot version with full point and shoot mindless mentality.
>Instead of shutter speeds you get mindless modes.
>And then Panasonic came out with another version of the cameras but still
>with a gorgeous piece of Leica glass on the front.
>And then another version and more Leica glass.
>And none of these variations with a classier more hands on Leica version.
>But yesterday or the day before they have even a newer one.
>The Cozy Lumix DMC-FZ3
>For chump change. 300 bucks and an gorgeous Leica lens on the the front.
>For the price of a lens cap you can use a I'm sure a wonder of Leica optics
>to shoot digital pictures.
>Leica DC Vario-Elmarit zoom 35 - 420mm equiv.
>    the thing zooms and then zooms some more.
>        And then when its done zooming it zooms some more.
>F2.8 non variable
>No shutter speeds though.
>Smaller files. Smaller body.
>Scintillating silver. God those silver cameras are ugly.
>A big fat impressive lens shade like the other Lumixxxxes
>Image stabilizer. Which the Digilux 2 ain't got.
>What got me the most were the modes:
>Aperture Priority
>Shutter Priority
>Night Portrait
>Night Scenery
>Simple Mode 
>Did they forget anything?
>How about
>Giving birth
>Opening presents under Christmas - Hanukah tree - bush.
>Fun with the wife
>Black cat in the coal mine at midnight.
>The shiny side of Mercury. (on the way to the sun)
>Backyard tree
>Peace march
>Helmut Newton
>Slip and slide action study.
>Program your own.
>Naturally a small knowledge of photography and a variable program mode and
>the modes are in your fuzzy brain. The one in your scull. I always try to
>have my brain working when I'm shooting photographs; keeps me awake.
>A Leica fan for 3-4 hundred bucks you are loosing money not getting this
>Which is more of a Leica if the body were made by Leica and the lens were
>made by Panasonic.
>If you ask me.
>All kinds of shiny silver camera out their with a big fat
>LEICA DC VARIO-ELMARIT ZOOM emblazed in front of the lens.
>Is Leica getting any of this money? Maybe it is.
>Mark Rabiner
>Portland Oregon
>Leica Users Group.
>See for more information

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