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Subject: [Leica] Digilux digressions and dioramas part III, the thundering conclusion
From: mark at (Mark Rabiner)
Date: Thu Sep 16 13:21:29 2004

Leica seems to have sold it's optical soul to the Panasonic Devil.

I can see how they may have driven Panasonic crazy with it's amazing retro
demands on the design of the Digilux 2.
"What!? A shudder speed dial!!! It's inconceivable!"

And they gave them the rights to also come out with their own cheaper sans
red dot version with full point and shoot mindless mentality.
Instead of shutter speeds you get mindless modes.

And then Panasonic came out with another version of the cameras but still
with a gorgeous piece of Leica glass on the front.

And then another version and more Leica glass.

And none of these variations with a classier more hands on Leica version.

But yesterday or the day before they have even a newer one.
The Cozy Lumix DMC-FZ3

For chump change. 300 bucks and an gorgeous Leica lens on the the front.
For the price of a lens cap you can use a I'm sure a wonder of Leica optics
to shoot digital pictures.
Leica DC Vario-Elmarit zoom 35 - 420mm equiv.
    the thing zooms and then zooms some more.
        And then when its done zooming it zooms some more.
F2.8 non variable

No shutter speeds though.
Smaller files. Smaller body.
Scintillating silver. God those silver cameras are ugly.
A big fat impressive lens shade like the other Lumixxxxes

Image stabilizer. Which the Digilux 2 ain't got.

What got me the most were the modes:

Aperture Priority
Shutter Priority
Night Portrait
Night Scenery
Simple Mode 

Did they forget anything?
How about

Giving birth
Opening presents under Christmas - Hanukah tree - bush.
Fun with the wife
Black cat in the coal mine at midnight.
The shiny side of Mercury. (on the way to the sun)
Backyard tree
Peace march
Helmut Newton
Slip and slide action study.

Program your own.

Naturally a small knowledge of photography and a variable program mode and
the modes are in your fuzzy brain. The one in your scull. I always try to
have my brain working when I'm shooting photographs; keeps me awake.

A Leica fan for 3-4 hundred bucks you are loosing money not getting this

Which is more of a Leica if the body were made by Leica and the lens were
made by Panasonic.

If you ask me.

All kinds of shiny silver camera out their with a big fat
LEICA DC VARIO-ELMARIT ZOOM emblazed in front of the lens.

Is Leica getting any of this money? Maybe it is.

Mark Rabiner
Portland Oregon

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