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Subject: [Leica] Re LEICA MP VIEWFINDER & Other points of vue (Luis Ripoll)
From: mark at (Mark Rabiner)
Date: Thu Sep 16 19:45:10 2004

On 9/16/04 4:01 PM, "Jesse Hellman" <> typed:

> Mark, you're being a bit hard on that 21 mm non-ASPH Elmarit! I have one
> and the pictures taken with it are among those I most prize.
> But I agree otherwise. As much as I would like it not to be the case, I
> really love my Leicas and lenses and in some ineffable way their quality
> does contribute to the quality of my work. But there is a huge
> subjective factor here, and I doubt very much whether trading in my
> Elmarit for the new ASPH would make a difference, as my pictures are
> hand-held, other than from the knowledge that my lens is the sharpest
> possible.
> Like Luke Skywalker knowing he has the Force.
> Because Nathan is really right. He suggested a workshop. The greatest
> improvement in my work in the last five years came from feedback such as
> yours, not from a new lens, and this is what Nathan is suggesting.
> Jesse
Jesse I think you, me and most people don't use a 21 all that much anyway.

But it reminds me of a thread where people were buying the old 135 as it's a
focal length they don't use very much anyway.
I cant help feeling that you'd condemning yourself to that mindset when you
get a lesser optic. Say on your most outer focal length. If you feel you've
gone the cheap route on say your 135 how big of a hurry are you going to be
to grab for that lens or even bring it along? Chances are you'll just leave
your APO ASPH Summicron on your cameras. But I you had that really exquisite
3.4 APO 135 in your bag I cant help thinking you'd reach for it faster. For
that added reach when it would really make a difference. At darn close to 90
APO ASPH Summicron quality.
And that means the very pinnacle of 35mm format optics.
But that's pinochle to some...

But you're right no ones going to all of a sudden say your portfolio is
better because you've got this cr?me of the crop new optic in your camera
bag. I say spend the money on paper and chemicals or carts.

Mark Rabiner
Portland Oregon

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