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Subject: [Leica] All bets are off
From: mark at (Mark Rabiner)
Date: Thu Sep 16 19:31:30 2004

On 9/16/04 2:18 PM, "Feli di Giorgio" <> typed:

> On Thu, 2004-09-16 at 13:51, Mark Rabiner wrote:
>> 15 12.4mp  NEF's at 5 frames per second the Nikon D2X has finally today 
>> come
>> out and all bets are off as to my next 4 digit photo expenditure.
> I'm curious to see how noisy it is. 12MP is a lot pixels to squeeze in to
> an APS sized sensor. I'm guessing that's the reason why it only goes to
> 800asa.
> I hope it turns out to be a spectacular performer. I prefer the Nikon
> ergonomics 
> over those of Canon
> Feli
Speaking of which they also offer this interesting other option to make the
sensor half size instead of 1.5 APS. This will suck in NEF's at 8 frames per
second. And the file sizes then are then 6 mgs. Which is what I'm use to
anyway and which I think is plenty big.
Me I'd never need to go half that fast but I'd use the option to double the
focal lengths of certain lenses to make them more usable.
My 60 macro I typically use in the studio while shooting digital because a
But with this option it would become a 120. Much better for heads or head
and shoulder shots.

My 12-24 instead of being an 18- 35;
Becomes instead a 24-48.
I'd get plenty of use out of a 24-48.
At least if not more so than the 12-24. Which happiness to be on my camera
right now and was in my camera bag out today.

Lets see my really favorite lens is my 24-85 silent wave.
Using it digitally its a 36 to 127

But now it can become a 48-170.
So its a normal to telephoto zoom and the lens I just mentioned is a normal
to wide.
I have no trouble conceptualizing that clearly even on a tired day.

With two other options to choose from on non DX lenses it makes each Nikon
lens in effect a Tri Elmar! Which means I'm trying to stay on Tupac.

Oh and this camera will meter with my AI lenes.

My 85's become 170's and 105's become 210!

I have an AI 200 which becomes a 400! Just just a measly 300!

Reminds me in this months American Photographer with Janet Jackson on the
cover (a new low) there's a thing on Sports Illustrated Walter loss shooting
a big budget digital sports thing.
He was using a 400 on his canon eos full from S;
And a 300 on a regular 1.5 mag digital canon.
Making for cameras with 400 focal lengths. One full frame one regular. I
think it was basketball.

Turn the page and its a guy shooting  storefront new York city reflections
with a Mamiya 645 digital. His wide Epson inkjet prints cant be made fast
enough to sell in the art market.

Art Garfunkle lives in new York I'm sure that makes at least one!

A heck of a lot sharper than a Canon EOS full frame S.

Mark Rabiner
Portland Oregon

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