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Subject: [Leica] Re LEICA MP VIEWFINDER & Other points of vue (Luis Ripoll)
From: feli at (Feli di Giorgio)
Date: Thu Sep 16 13:08:16 2004
References: <>

> Felix you'd change your mind on the Noctilux limited use if you saw how
> Ted's was apparently glued to his camera which was apparently glued to him
> at all times for apparently years. Sans all signs of lens shade to no
> apparent ill effect. 

The Noct is a killer lens. I had one and it's performance was
spectacular wide open and stopped down, I sold mine for two reason:

a) I found it be too big for my taste.
b) It was so perfectly free from flare that to me the images it produced
looked "sterile'.

> A 21 Voigtl?nder might be a "good" alterative to a 21 Elmarit ASPH but a
> good alterative to a 21 Elmarit ASPH would be also a Nikon, Canon or 
> Minolta
> or Pentax 21. 

I have the VC 21/4 and my friend has the new Leica 21, which I have been
able to shoot. There is no arguing that the Leica 21 blows the VC away.
I need to stop the VC down to at least f8 to get K64 slides to really
have that bite and sparkle. The best thing about the VC 21 is that is is
dirt cheap at $300 and they throw in the finder for free. That's what
makes it a great deal.

> Or it's about the distinctive qualities of previous generations of Leica
> glass which can be obtained in most cases for less than a grand USD.
> They might not have the "resolution" of the many non Leica modern options.
> But they have myriad other qualities which are notable and are distinctive
> to Leica.

That's what I like about the pre-ASPH Summilux. I have both it and the
new Summicron, which obviously is sharper at anything below f5.6, but
the Lux has a certain signature that to me is really beautiful in black
and white. It's not always about absolute sharpness.


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