Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 2004/09/15

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Subject: [Leica] Digilux digressions and dioramas
From: mark at (Mark Rabiner)
Date: Wed Sep 15 08:37:55 2004

What the heck is a Sepia file?
A greyscale file soaked in old coffee grinds?    ...or Lapsang Souchong tea?

I guess it would have to have more info per bit than a greyscale file.
But is it just an RGB file with all the B bleached out?
I'd love it if it were just a plain vanilla greyscale bit with an added
selenium electron tacked on.
But what do I want? Egg in my beer!?
French Vanilla BEAN with little specs in it!

I know tertiary colors involve all three primary colors and that's how you
get all those great browns! Or any brown for that matter. Even that purple
selenium brown.

I got a letter from Roger Horn yesterday.
I'm sure I was the only one to get a letter just like this so I'll clue
everyone else on the list on it.
It was addressed to me personally and signed in red dot blood.

....As the leaves turn different colors its time to put color Lexar's in our
digital cameras.... (no it didn't say that)

This will mean I'll squeeze less on a roll. All those extra RGB bits....

If you get a Digilux 2 they are going to give you a free spare battery and a
SF24D flash for a combined total of $440 USD. In the form of food stamps.

Enclosed in a full color sheet illustrated the camera with free spare
battery and a SF24D flash...
The battery appears to be an extender for the flash to help get rid of red
eye. Which gives me ideas.

Does someone make a deflector thingie so the SF24D can be aimed upward for
bounce flash?
The built in flash on the Digilux 2 can be aimed upward for bounce flash...a
one of a kind feature for a point and shoot digital or film even. If they
still make those.
I've been doing lots of flash with bounce flash. You'd never think these
shots were hand held with an effective shutter speed of 1/5000 of a second
and an effective ASA ISO of 200! Looks like room light but with the yellow
taken out.
Crisp crisp crisp!
You'd think bouncing a GN 20 flash off a ceiling would not work unless that
ceiling was highly reflective like those cheesy projector screens.
Those mushy textureized ceilings you find in model rooms?
What if they had an super extra heaping of quartz in them or whatever is on
those projector screens?
Then any room in your house could be ideal for bounce flash! Plus give you
that motel room feeling.
Just SPRAY THE STUFF ON! With a big hose. Real thick too to in effect make
the ceiling lower.

Its a shame there is not a real extendo platform for a flash on the hotshoe
of the Digilux 2 with a hinge on it so that SF24D can be aimed upward and
bounce flashed. Especially off my newly quartz mush sprayed ceilings.
The SF24D gives you two more stops of power over the one built into the
camera. Which is already supposedly strong enough to bounce off a dull flat
white ceiling. At ASA 100!
I'm sure HAMA or one of those companies must make one.

But I cant see why a little flash with a design like that can't have it's
built in reflector able to be hinged upward for bounce flash.

Mark Rabiner
Portland Oregon