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Subject: [Leica] OT: Safe Storage - now "day for night"
From: dpost at (Dan Post)
Date: Sat Sep 11 06:50:50 2004
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Similar to the question earlier about 'viewing' filters... the Wratten 90
dark amber filter for looking at a scene to visualize the B&W scene a la
Minor White. Hollywood used a Wratten 48 (?) the blue separation filter, and
under exposed early on to achieve a 'night' effect- of course, most scene
shot that way under actual daylight showed very distinct shadows, but
suspending your brain for a moment, it looked like night time- close enough
for "Government Work"

A lot of night shots seem to be done with a rim type lighting now, and look
more realistic except for the occasional pop shot where the light direction
suddenly changes! I suppose the faster film stocks make it easier now than
years ago.

Movies such as 'Cinderella Liberty'- shot by cinemaphotographer Vilmos
Zsigosmond (sp?) who I always considered the 'Master of Available Darkness'
did a good job of shooting in night-time Seattle. I recall he got started by
shooting 'B' grade horror flicks- all done best in night-time scenarios! I
don't see his name in the credits anymore- I guess he has retired, one way
on another. ( Yes- I am one of those tiresome people who sit in the theatre
to the very end looking at the credits. I always find it amazing that so
many people can be gotten together to work on one project and have it
succeed! Even a bad movie is a success in terms of the sheer number of
people working together and not actually breaking out in violence! Maybe
there is something sensible about Hollywood people getting involved in
politics! :o) NOTE BIG SMILEY! I actually think Arnold might turn out to be
a good governor!)

Best of light to you,

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Subject: RE: [Leica] OT: Safe Storage - now "day for night"

> Horacio Sofi wrote:
> > "Fahrenheit 451" the film that Francois Truffaut
> > directed in 1966, and the real flash point of paper.
> Speaking of Truffault, one of the  great movie makers
> and certainly one of my favorite, in his "La Nuit Americaine"
> (Day for Night), there is a mention (and key explanation
> to the movie title) of a lens filter that allows shooting
> a night time scene to be shot in full daylight.  For 30
> years I have inquired off and on, but never actually find
> out anything more about this filter.  I wonder if anyone
> here can shed some light about this filter, how it works,
> etc.   I am particularly interested in achieving the same
> effect in still photography.  Thanks much.
> And by the way, it is a great movie by one of my favorite
> movie maker, with one of my first screen loves
> (Jacqueline Bisset).   Where does reality ends and
> Hollywood begins ?  Very timely question in this election
> season.  I may just have a few friends over and watch
> Fahrenheit 451 and Day for Night one of these weekends
> before election night.
> Anyway, any info on achieving a  "day for night" effect
> would be greatly appreciated.   For once, doing it
> in color would be great, but I would certainly try it
> in B&W too.
> - Phong
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