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Subject: [Leica] OT: Safe Storage - now "day for night"
From: phong at (Phong)
Date: Thu Sep 9 03:57:01 2004

Horacio Sofi wrote:
> "Fahrenheit 451" the film that Francois Truffaut 
> directed in 1966, and the real flash point of paper.

Speaking of Truffault, one of the  great movie makers
and certainly one of my favorite, in his "La Nuit Americaine"
(Day for Night), there is a mention (and key explanation
to the movie title) of a lens filter that allows shooting
a night time scene to be shot in full daylight.  For 30
years I have inquired off and on, but never actually find
out anything more about this filter.  I wonder if anyone
here can shed some light about this filter, how it works,
etc.   I am particularly interested in achieving the same
effect in still photography.  Thanks much.

And by the way, it is a great movie by one of my favorite
movie maker, with one of my first screen loves
(Jacqueline Bisset).   Where does reality ends and 
Hollywood begins ?  Very timely question in this election 
season.  I may just have a few friends over and watch 
Fahrenheit 451 and Day for Night one of these weekends
before election night.

Anyway, any info on achieving a  "day for night" effect
would be greatly appreciated.   For once, doing it
in color would be great, but I would certainly try it
in B&W too.

- Phong

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