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Subject: [Leica] Re: Protests, Photographers, and the Police & Kyle Cassidy and the NYPD
From: scott at (Scott McLoughlin)
Date: Fri Sep 10 20:55:01 2004
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I don't know. I think we're missing something here. I'm a
middle aged guy, and no, I don't get out and protest much

But I think that the younger, more energetic folks play an
important part in our political system.  And folks like Kyle
going out and taking pictures of "citizen action" is also
important. Different behaviors at different ages is just human,
and not such a great hypocrisy.  In 1985 I helped build a
shanty town in Harvard Yard, and in 2004 I fondle my
new Leica gear - makes sense to me :-)

(BTW, Marc, it sounds like you're doing admirable work
in your career.  After years of profit making, I myself now
choose to work with a small philanthropic organizaton.)

More significantly, I grew up believing that LAPD-style
heavy-handed LE were the bad guys.  I think there was a
scary "Dirty Harry" movie about this or something when I
was a kid; hell, it was back in the 70's :-)

In any case, I refuse to accept unecessary LE force as just
some benign part of the "status quo."  It's un-American, anti-
democratic or something. LE is very good. Roughing up young
college girls and middle aged folks is bad. It's not so confusing
to me.

And roughing up any peaceful Leica-shooters is really bad in
my book.

These little oddly dressed loud-mouthed hypocrites are called
"our children."  Political rallying is a just a nice tradition with
young folks in lots of countries.  To my mind, beats the hell out
of toxic levels of drinking and several other traditional youthful
behaviors :-)

I don't relate to all their current causes, but there's no threat. I
certainly don't want to see any of them roughed up, and I just
don't see how anyone else thinks that this is OK.

It's just bizarre and mean spirited.

And yes, if some weird goon in the crowd assaults an officer, of
course he should be detained and prosecuted. Duh. But just leave
the other nice folks alone - including the photographers.


JCB wrote:

> Re: Protests, Photographers, and the Police & Kyle Cassidy and the NYPD
> Marc,
> These two posts of yours are a breath of fresh air.
> You hit the nail on the head!
> Kudos!!!
> JB
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