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Subject: [Leica] OT: Safe Storage
From: mail at (Karen Nakamura)
Date: Wed Sep 8 21:04:41 2004
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>The safe I purchased has a significant fire proof rateing and 
>appears to not have any form of air hole. Is anyone else using one 
>of these for safe storage of their photo equipment, if so is 
>humidity proofing an issue?

You should call the manufacturer and ask about the fireproofing. Many 
document safes use a material that releases moisture during a fire. 
This helps keep the temperature of the inside of the safe below 
farenheit 911 (or whatever the real flash point of paper is, 212? 
darn Michael Moore).

This chemical might release moisture during normal conditions that 
might be hazardous to your camera; or during a fire the hot vapor 
might be just as bad. Anyway, you should call the safe company.

If it's a totally "dry" system, then just a couple of canisters of 
silica gel will keep the innards dry. I like to get the rechargeable 
silica in transparent plastic containers that you can recharge by 
microwaving for a couple of minutes.

In Japan, I have all my equipment in a giant tupperware box that they 
sell expressly for the purpose of keeping moisture out. Inside, I 
have several bags of silica gel including sachets that I repurposed 
from my kitchen (Japanese flavored nori/seaweed always comes with 
some).  Nuking dries them out again.


Karen Nakamura

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