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Subject: [Leica] Three new PAWs from two countries
From: mail at (Karen Nakamura)
Date: Wed Sep 8 20:21:25 2004
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>Karen Nakamura9/9/04
>>Can you imagine *ANY* digital camera working properly in 2054?
>Only if it gas a removeable back - I've used my Linhof Tech IV, my 
>'51 Deardorf, and my Hassy CM for Digital - with appropriate backs. 
>Will my Digilux 1 or Canon 10d be pumping out images in 2054? I 
>doubt they'll be doing it in 2014 or even 2009. Word on the 
>hi-end-digi-back list last week has it that the chips are beginning 
>to fail on the leaf (and other backs) - repair cost averaging $3,500 
>to $5,000. Apparently the chips begin to produce little circles of 
>??? mystery.

That's a good reason to lease digital backs rather than buy, I guess.

This changes the digital equation a bit. You need to assume that your 
digital camera will only work for about 5 years, after which it will 
be difficult to get replacement rechargeable batteries and compact 
flash cards for it. Already, SmartMedia cards for older Olympus 
digital cameras are starting to become more scarce.   SD memory is 
the future, but that means that CF cards are the past.

A Canon 20D with a good L lens amortized over 5 years is  $500/year. 
Many LUGers shoot less than $500 worth of film a year and their 
cameras last over 50 years, so they're essentially free.


Karen Nakamura

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