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Subject: [Leica] The tragic tale of my ruined photo...
From: enitka1 at (ernie nitka)
Date: Wed Sep 8 10:32:29 2004
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As interesting is why was Don King at the RNC?  Not a photo topic but 
interesting as a political aside - sort of like Elvis in the oval office 
with R. Nixon.

ernie nitka

At 11:10 AM 9/8/2004, you wrote:
>So, I'm photographing the RNC for Silicon Alley radio. Wednesday night,
>George H. W. Bush is in the presidential box with Barbara and Zell Miller. I
>knew it would probably be my photo of the night. Problem was, they were
>sitting down and I could only see them from the nose up. I cleverly realized
>that at the end of the Ronald Reagan tribute video, they would all stand up
>and applaud, so I staked out a great spot on the floor and waited. At the
>end of the video, the lights came on and sure enough, Zell, President Bush
>and Mrs. Bush all stand up to applaud! I alone will get the shot! I frame
>it, but, what the heck! There's this white blob covering the bottom of the
>picture! What could it be that ruined my photo?? See for yourself.
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