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Subject: [Leica] Re: MORE THAN... R.I.P. ILFORD
From: abridge at (Adam Bridge)
Date: Mon Sep 6 11:18:36 2004
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I think I posted a link to info about how to use a digital was an IR
camera. You need to heavily filter to cut out most of the visible
light and leave only a little red plus the IR. You get an ASA of like
1 or 5 or something. LONG exposures.

Ah - here's a site although it doesn't look like the site i posted:



On Mon, 6 Sep 2004 11:33:29 -0400, Dan Post <> wrote:
> Other Dan-
> I agree with you- the de-colorization of a digital image is great for
> generating B&W! I played around with my Leica Digilux Zoom (spent all my
> ducats on an M7 so I have to wait a while for the 'biggie'digital!) and
> found that by eliminating all but the red channel- that I had a nearly IR
> photo. I imagine it was pretty close as the CCD is sensitive to IR in that 
> I
> looked at the IR LED on the VCR flinker, and the otherwise invisible beam
> shows up as a pale blue in the Digilux viewfinder.
> I would be interested to know what the full spectral response might be as
> the IR effect of shooting and keeping only the red information works pretty
> well.
> I did try shooting through a Leitz IR filter (looked about the equivaent of
> an 87C- very deep red- and of course got zip, zilch, nada for my effort. 
> :o(
> If the future is digital, think of the possibilities of shooting in the UV
> and Near UV spectrum, and taking IR photos as a regular course--- I am
> pretty sure that folks like astronomers already do this with the CCD 
> devices
> they use- The Three College Observatory near here has published some really
> neat timed exposures (5 minutes!- sharp with no camera shake!) of deep 
> space
> objects outside the visible spectrum. I guess they are 'false' color, but
> they are simply beautiful. I can see why amateur astronomy is so popular!
> Dan(Wistfully thinking about what Santa might bring...)Post

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