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Subject: [Leica] Conformity in Athens
From: mark at (Mark Rabiner)
Date: Sat Aug 28 23:49:00 2004

> But one needs to get by this as quickly as possible or you'll find to your
> sorrow you are head down when something incredible happens looking at "last
> weeks picture!" Hell it wouldn't matter if it were 5 seconds ago picture if
> you're head down and miss the shot!
> But an interesting action terminalogy certainly when you watch people
> "chimping!"
> ted
I bought clothes for the first time in a year today. I did some real damage.
I felt like I deserved it. It's long sleeved time again.
My wardrobe has wilted.
A major stop was at the Levi's store. A new thing these Levi's stores.
I like Denim.
But blue Denim looks great on thin people. Bigger people I think are better
off in black denim.

Genoa--called "Gene" by sixteenth-century Europeans--was the first city to
make denim cloth (see Denim) used for jeans. The pants were named after the
The tough cloth used in jeans was originally made in Nimes, France, as well
as Genoa, Italy (see jeans). It was called Serge di Nimes--later shortened
to di Nimes, which became denim."

But as far a go jeans = Levi's.
Not Wranglers which I understand is what real Cowboys wear.
I'm not a real Cowboy.
I'm not a fake Cowboy.

Brass buttons not tin. And each button should not each say "Gap",
That throws me because that's what the buttonholes should say.

They would each say "Levi's".
Which is also by the way what all the neo Nazi skinheads wear.
They won't wear anything else.
I guess those brilliant dudes think "Levi's" is an old Episcopalian name.
Back to Gap Gap...
I did do some real damage there, but not in the Denim area.
But Back to the Levi's store.
Which is right next to the Gap sharing the same wall.
(this is not a mall, this is a real street. In reality)
I parked right outside in a real parking spot on the side of the street.

I got a pair of black Jeans. 550's I think.
The 550's are loose which is ok with me. I'd never heard of them before.
But as there are now 550 different styles of Levi's and I shop once a year
this is to be expected.
I hear black denim is big in Europe.
"black anything is big in Europe" said the very cute salesgirl who could
have sold me the Eiffel tower in January and thrown in the Brooklyn bridge
for an extra twenty bucks.

I'd prefer a row of brass buttons over a brass zipper but a zipper if it's
brass is pretty ok with me. On real Levi's denim.
And I got a pair of faded blue jeans which surprised me as I don't think of
myself as a faded blue jeans kinda guy. But she sold me. And I do think they
looked kind of good. In the store. I just finished washing them.
I threw on a black Jean jacket.
And it looked good.
So I shopped for another day.

But I mentioned to her that it would not be my style to wear the black jean
jacket with the black jeans I was about to buy.
... Thinking that might impress her perhaps but that is the case.
What do you call that look? I asked out loud.
(same color denim from head to toe but in this case black).

I might have said "The Jack Palance Look" on further reflection.
(bad guy in Shane) 
(does pushups with one hand while accepting an Academy Award).

"A Canadian tuxedo" she quickly chimed in.

Got me!!!

Outright prolonged laughter!!!

Mark Rabiner
Portland Oregon

"My simple child reaction of what you did is that you are not funny. Funnier
than you is even Stuart Schlossmen, who is my friend, and is eleven, and
puts walnuts in his mouth and makes noises. What is not funny is to call us
names, and what is mostly not funny is how sad you are, and I'd feel sorry
for you if it wasn't for how dull you are. And those are the worst-tasting
potato chips that I've ever tasted. And that's my opinion from the blue,
blue sky. "

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