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Subject: [Leica] Conformity in Athens
From: tedgrant at (Ted Grant)
Date: Thu Aug 19 14:26:20 2004
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Greg Locke explained.... "CHIMPING! :-)
Subject: RE: [Leica] Conformity in Athens

> HAHAHAHHAHAH  ...I like your answer better Jem.... But you are close
> this is what it resembles when a "shooter" has his head down looking at
> pictures he just shot and poking buttons while those around him are busy
> making pictures.
> "chimping"; a term used in photojournalism circles to describe the
> of pecking (or picking) buttons to review your digital images on the
> itsy-bitsy LCD screen instead of taking picture.<<<<<<<<,

Hi Greg,
I'd not heard this term until I covered the Canadian Track & Field
Championships held here in Victoria to select our athletes for the Olympic

And it's so true when you watch a gang of so called pros? " chimping" their
images when there's still incredible action happening all over the place.
It's one of the dangers of digital to stop shooting at an inappropriate time
to "chimp" the images recorded.

It doesn't take long to learn it's a no-no after you realize you've just
missed the moment of the sport century. I mean we never had this facility
with film cameras so why bother with it when the action is still going on?
Wait until it's over or a complete dead moment. Some of these digi guys are
truly stupid, but that's because so many of them today have never used a
film camera before and had to wait to see their photographs until some hours
later, so they know no difference.

No one will ever dissuade me that shooting film cameras first, then
graduating to digital isn't the best way to go. Nope don't anyone even try
to convince me it doesn't matter, as you're wasting your and my time trying
to convince me other wise.

Simply because I've been watching this phenomenon of digital and chimping
and looking at their screen after each shot while I see more missed
opportunities while these guys are head down! If you don't believe me talk
to some of the top line experienced wire shooters who did film and now all
digital and they'll say the same thing.

In the beginning no matter who, when you go digital we all get head down
simply because the novelty of shooting and looking, then deleting, goes with
the early stages of digital. Why not, as it's so neat to be able to shoot
and see your image, it goes with being born and breathing. You just do it.

But one needs to get by this as quickly as possible or you'll find to your
sorrow you are head down when something incredible happens looking at "last
weeks picture!" Hell it wouldn't matter if it were 5 seconds ago picture if
you're head down and miss the shot!

But an interesting action terminalogy certainly when you watch people


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