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Subject: [Leica] A Stroll Around the Mobius Strip or Klein Bottle ;-)
From: jorg.willems at (Jorg Willems)
Date: Thu Aug 26 03:38:53 2004

Your analogy of the Leni Riefenstahl discussion to a M?bius Strip is funny
although I suspect that our single malt loving friends would favor a Klein
Bottle ...

The last two days I have surfed the net for LR information trying to find
that "real source of cite".  If you just try hard enough you find
information that will support any position expressed here (Google Germany:
ungef?hr 33,000 Seiten auf Deutsch f?r Leni Riefenstahl, Google English:
Results about 87,400 for Leni Riefenstahl).

On the Finnish webside "Ennen ja nyt" (Before and now) Jari Sedergren
writes: Leni Riefenstahl kuului Hitlerin ja Goebbelsin l?hipiiriin jo ennen
vuotta 1932.  (Leni Riefenstahl belonged to Hitler's and G?bbel's inner
circle already before 1932)

During an interview she answered Peter Hossli on his question "What do you
regret in your life ? "That I ever met Adolf Hitler."

Of course I only read those that supports my sentiment ;-) I just need to
make sure that the "facts" don't confuse me.  That brings us to the Klein
bottle:  It's all between the ears and it won't hold anything!  Which in
turn brings us to our single malt loving friends:  You can't keep it in the
bottle, you have to drink it all.  Or EVERYTHING stays in the bottle,
whatever you prefer.

I learned a lot about Leni Riefenstahl during this discussion.  Personal
attacks can be entertaining for the innocent bystanders but they usually
only poisen the spirit like it has happened with T. Mikes message:  Watching
her films, reading her books or being a fulltime photographer would just add
another oppion to this brain salad.

... I need to leave the house and take some pictures with my old M6 ....

J?rg Willems

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Buzz Hausner
Sent: Thursday, August 26, 2004 12:06 PM
To: 'Leica Users Group'
Subject: [Leica] A Stroll Around the Mobius Strip

Excuse me, T. Mike, besides the LUG not being here for your individual
amusement...and please feel free to migrate elsewhere...where-in is it
said that one must be a professional photographer to share opinions on
the LUG?  Further, what does being a professional photographer have to
do with one's opinion of Nazis?  How many on this list are or ever were
professional historians (100% living off their [study of history])?  Or,
is it that you believe one must be a Nazi to have a valid opinion about

I just wish that everyone once and for all would finally stop sending
messages on the topic of Nazis.  

Buzz Hausner

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Sent: Wednesday, August 25, 2004 10:38 PM
Subject: Re: [Leica] Leni Riefenstahl

Marc--All of the Leni Riefenstahl haters, have no real sources to cite.
just keep sending the same post over and over trying to look important.
I would guess have never seen her films.  And are to cheap to buy her

This list was more fun when everyone was trying to prove "Moon Rise" or 
"Falling Solider"  were faked.  Not to leave out Frank Hurley, or leave
him in the 

How many on this list are or ever were professional photographers (100% 
living off there photos).

T. Mike

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