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Subject: [Leica] Shakleton Photos Faked
From: msmall at (Marc James Small)
Date: Sun Aug 22 15:30:35 2004
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At 09:22 AM 8/22/04 -0600, Kit McChesney | Vuelux wrote:

>Well, true, the article was more balanced than what the headline would lead
>one to believe. But I do find this section disturbing, especially after
>seeing a PBS (public television here in the US) special on Shackleton, which
>used photographs of the expedition to give its history (very well done,

Good heavens!  Do you folks recognize just what was involved in the
Shackleton Expedition?  That ANY survived was remarkable, and it is a true
tribute to the leadership of Shackleton that ALL survived and without any
serious medical complications.  I forget who said it, but it was noted
around this time that, if you wanted to come back, go with Shackleton.  

The photographs taken are magnificent and who really cares if a fake
cloudscape was inserted into one particular shot?  Good God Almighty!
These are MAGNIFICENT photographs, taken by a fellow who was to be deprived
of some of his most productive years while stranded on the sinking whaler
and on the long trek afterwards.  Hurley took grand photographs but he
probably, judging from his later career, would have been far happier
covering the ANZAC's on Gallipoli.

Those interested in the product and not in the sensationalism of those
attacking the packaging are encouraged to review the photographs themselves: 

1914-1917 THE PHOTOGRAPHS OF FRANK HURLEY.  London, England:  Book Creation
Services, Ltd., 2001.  ISBN:  1-932302-04-2.

Ansel Adams could only dream of producing images of this quality.

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