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Subject: [Leica] Re:Do you like a rookie [R-D1]? :was decline in LUG membership
From: mikiro at (MIKIRO)
Date: Sun Aug 22 04:42:02 2004
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Hi, Richard,

The range-finder is accurate enough as far as I have used 35/2 and 
50/2.8 at wide open, but I myself have not yet tried faster lenses. The 
physical base-length of R-D1 range-finder is 38.2mm, while that of Leica 
M is 69.2mm. Thus, in theory, R-D1 (1x) is as accurate as 0.58x M 
cameras. One photographer who uses R-D1 extensively told me that he only 
occasionally fails in focusing with 35mm at f1.4 but quite often with 
90mm at f2.8.

The sound of the metalic vertical travel shutter of R-D1 has a higher 
pitch and may not be as quiet as that of M. It is nonetheless 
comfortable to my ears and helps create a rhythm in taking pictures. In 
this respect, I prefer R-D1 to Hexar RF and Contax G2. It is a matter of 
taste, though.

The buffer memory takes two RAW images. Writing data to my SD card 
(Sandisk) takes four seconds for one image and six seconds for two. With 
JPG, you do not have to wait in real shooting.

I hope this helps.

Best regards,


Richard F. Man wrote:

> At 07:50 AM 8/21/2004, wrote:
>> ...
>> R-D1 is larger, heavier, and, most importantly, more solid than Bessa 
>> R2. Indeed, if you have a close look, you will find that it shares 
>> only a few parts with Bessa. The 1x viewfinder is at least as clear as 
>> that of Bessa R2. The shutter is much quieter. The shutter charge 
>> lever is a unique feature of this camera and makes you feel that you 
>> use a mechanical film camera. It is much smoother than the film 
>> advance lever of Bessa. Even in a single shooting session, you can use 
>> R-D1 and M cameras interchangeably with no stress.
> Hi Mikiro, how do you find the rangefinder focusing accuracy? Many of 
> the early pictures on the web seem to be misfocused but look like it may 
> be just due to the shooters? Also, the R-D1 has a short RF base, but I 
> believe someone says the 1x viewfinder makes it effectively much longer. 
> Is that the case?
> How quiet is the shutter subjectively, say, compare to the M?
>> In terms of image quality, R-D1 is in the same league with my Pentax 
>> *istD (and probably other D-SLRs with similar sensors). In-camera jpg 
>> images look a bit dull, and RAW may give you additional details. The 
>> colour is very neutral. Epson people aim that its images reveal 
>> characters of lenses by minimising filters and retouches in the 
>> camera. In this respect they seem to be successful. More work will be 
>> needed to confirm it.
> How fast can you take RAW pictures? Does it have a larger enough buffer 
> so that you basically don't need to worry about it?
> Thanks!
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