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Subject: [Leica] Inkjet printng
From: scott at (Scott McLoughlin)
Date: Mon Aug 16 07:23:36 2004
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That's interesting information for me. I'm a hobbyist
dev'ing my negs, but scanning and printing digitally
currently for lack of space, resources, experience.

This motivates me to get my act together on the wet
printing side of things. Thanks.

Slobodan Dimitrov wrote:

>Full bleed 11x14.
>On the inkjet, A3 heavyweight matte was used.
>S. Dimitrov
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>>Subject: RE: [Leica] Inkjet printng
>>What size prints?
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>>Subject: [Leica] Inkjet printng
>>A little episode for the not faint of heart.
>>I'm included in an exhibit at the Banning landing Community Center. This
>>is about 100 years of pile-driving in the Port of LA. It was decided
>>that we should make inkjet prints, for convenience, of my PN55 (4x5)
>>negs. Well, after a few days of trying to run some, off an calibrated PC
>>screen, unto a Canon i9000, I threw in the towel. That printer is a real
>>piece of junk. The photo reviews that have tried comparing it to an
>>Epson are outright dishonest and deceitful. The Epson is literally a
>>plug and print machine compared to the Canon. I can also see why they
>>are no longer in the film scanning business. Maybe they could fool the
>>prosumer buyer, but definitely not the commercial user. Thankfully that
>>piece of Canon junk is not mine. I decided to go back to the darkroom,
>>for my convenience sake this time, and do it properly once and for all.
>>It took me two hours to print the 20 images we needed. With extras, I
>>did 28 prints. After I inspected them, I redid 4 more which took another
>>20 minutes. A last inspection determined that I needed to redo three
>>more, in order to match the tones in the highlights with the other
>>prints. By 1:20pm I was done, and on the road with dried prints by 2pm.
>>That meant I was in the darkroom from 10am until 2pm, a total of four
>>hours. Even printing with other Epson models, I can't replicate that
>>kind of speed and quality. And, we're talking about silver gelatin
>>prints here, not that other stuff. S. Dimitrov
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