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Subject: [Leica] more questions
From: jonathan at (Jonathan Borden)
Date: Thu Aug 12 19:09:41 2004
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On Aug 12, 2004, at 6:10 PM, Emanuel Lowi wrote:

> Thanks y'all for the responses. They've helped clarify
> the incredible digital phenomenon I'm witnessing here
> on the LUG.
> Here's more questions.
> Over the years, I've introduced many people to Leica.
> Without exception, the people who bought M cameras on
> my advice have made those cameras a big part of their
> photographic lives.
> Now, in 2004-2005, while the MP and M7 (best Leica M
> cameras ever, IMHO) and all those great new lenses are
> for sale:
> Would you recommend a new Leica M to someone today? Or
> not? What reasons would you give?

Digital does not give you higher quality than film in this day and age. 
The only advantages of digital are:

1) convenience.
2) price -- once one has paid off the $$$ cameras and computer 
equipment  and factoring expense of film.

Indeed someone once said that since the early 1900s, the only advances 
in photography have been in the area of convenience over image quality 
-- food for thought.

In any case the reason to buy a new MP is that the used M3 doesn't have 
a through the lens meter, and meters are, in my experience, helpful. Of 
course if you are concerned about price then an M3 or used M6 is a 
comparative bargain.

Perhaps the best reason *not* to buy a new MP is that the used M6 takes 
the same quality photos for > 1/2 the price.


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