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Subject: [Leica] Totally OT question about dentists
From: hellman at (Jesse Hellman)
Date: Sun Aug 1 07:28:23 2004
References: <> <p05111001bd327d492728@[]>

I'm not a dentist but I've talked with a number about the subject. They 
have mentioned: the standing hunched over, the need for very steady 
hands, the physical contortions necessary to do the job, and problems 
with dental insurance.

They seem like a fairly content group. Statistics are tricky things.

But your post led to your fascinating website. I have a Retina I and a 
Zeiss Ikon Super Ikonta B and have always regretting passing up a Retina 
IIIC in the distant past.

And why do film snobs eschew Kodak film, execpt for Tri-X?


Karen Nakamura wrote:
> OK, this is an off-topic question except for the fact that dentists seem 
> to like Leicas.
> Dentists seem to also retire early. Is it true that dentistry is a 
> particularly tough job? Is the rumor about dentists having the highest 
> suicide rate true?
> Or do dentists just retire early so that they can actually enjoy all the 
> Leicas they have bought?
> Just some random thoughts.
> Karen

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