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Subject: [Leica] More RD-1 Samples
From: tedgrant at (Ted Grant)
Date: Sun Jul 25 22:10:20 2004
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Tina Manley said:
>You go, Ted!  Anybody who wants to see the results should sign up for the >
Leica seminar in Cape Cod in October.  It will be an unforgettable
> experience with guaranteed fellowship, conversations and competition
> with other Leica fanatics and lots of Maine lobsters!!  Sign up here:

Hi Tina,
Well if anyone is really interested they better get at it right away as I
understand some extra space has just become available. As the last Seminar
of this particular type of presentation I sure as heck wouldn't want to miss
it. :-)

Besides I was told there are a number of folks registered from the LUG & LEG
so this is the year for a lot of folks having face to face meet & greets!:-)
Which, trust me, is one of the all time wonderful experiences to meet the
face of the name you feel you know like the back of your hand.:-)

Not only that, it's going to be a smashing good event as usual, but with a
few surprises I believe. ;-)

There'll be a pile of Leica gear to try out and play with. And with any kind
of luck we'll have the new R8-9 digi back, actually if we're really good
boys and girls we may have a few! ;-)

The bottom line is, everyone attending goes away absolutely pumped and can't
wait to shoot more, more and more! ;-) I even go home wired and rarin' to
git-go because of the enthusiasm of the crew. I've always felt this event is
a people thing where everyone is completely in-tune with the enjoyment of
photography, be that as professional or enthusiastic amateur.

And having attended many professional photo gatherings this Leica Seminar
blows them away hands down simply because, no one is trying to push who they
think they are, nor playing prima-donna! As we're all folks to learn, enjoy
ourselves and play with new Leica gear we not likely would have the
opportunity to do so otherwise. Then go home some what the wiser about this
wonderful magical thing called photography. :-)

Check it out and if you're interested I'd jump right quickly!
Seminar site.
Park Square Camera and Photo... Boston

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