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Subject: [Leica] PAWS 27 and 28
From: Frank.Dernie at (Frank Dernie)
Date: Sun Jul 18 10:31:00 2004
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PMFJI I have a 10d and have gravitated to prime lenses on it. The light 
zooms are only for snapshots the "fast" zooms are big, heavy and still 
only f2.8.
If your friend wants sharp a big heavy zoom or light prime is 
necessary, if he wants small and light he'll get need to shoot f8 or 
less IME. The 24-85 is OK for that.
The 24 f1.4, 50 f1.4 and 85 f1.8 are all excellent. I also use 135 f2, 
300f4, 500 f4 (sharpest lens I've ever used) and Leica 35, 100, 280, 
400, and 560.

On 18 Jul, 2004, at 13:34, Don Dory wrote:

> Nathan,
> I am rather curious about which lenses you plan on acquiring for the
> 10d.  A friend of mine has been going through lens roulette trying to
> find the right set.  Standard classic dilemma, fast enough zoom is way
> to large, doesn't want single focal lengths, still wants biting
> sharpness.
> Don
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> Subject: Re: [Leica] PAWS 27 and 28
> Roger et al.
> Just to clarify--I am converting to digital only partially. My outfit 
> of
> the future will be a Canon DSLR and an M6 with their associated lenses,
> the M6 loaded with Tri-X 90% of the time and the DSLR used for color
> work. I have come to recognize that while I am pretty good at shooting,
> processing, scanning and post-processing B&W film, my results from
> scanned E6 or Kodachrome leave a lot to be desired. The output I saw
> from the Canon was far superior to anything I have done in color using
> film. And that was using cheapish Sigma lenses; I look forward to
> putting my 100mm Apo Macro on the 10D when I get it next week and see
> the results of that!
> For travelling really light I will continue to use the CL.
> Nathan
> V.Roger wrote:
>> To Nathan and Paul-
>> Many thanks for the comments- I consciously choose for
>> post photo blur and for sharpness both in PS. - I am
>> in a way sorry that Nathan is coverting to digital,
>> although I seem to have done it myself- The DSLR I use
>> has been wonderful- I wonder if you might be
>> interested in the annexed site:
>> vroger
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