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Subject: Nathan's Canon (WAS: [Leica] PAWS 27 and 28)
From: n.wajsman at (Nathan Wajsman)
Date: Sun Jul 18 05:57:41 2004
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Hi Don,

I have so far bought just one lens, the 17-35mm 2.8-4 Sigma EX. With the 
35mm equivalence being 27-56mm, this should serve nicely as the 
"walk-around" lens. I have no doubt that over time, I will want to 
aquire some of Canon's L lenses, which, while not in the price class of 
Leica, are pretty expensive but also supposedly very good. In 
particular, I will look at the 1.4/35mm ($1080 at B&H) when and if there 
is some windfall from the tax authorities or some such. The choice in 
Canon glass is quite big, of course. Of the Leica lenses, I plan to use 
the 100mm Apo Macro and the 180mm Elmarit with the Canon. I also have 
the 19mm Elmarit but there is little point in using that given my choice 
of zoom above. The 60mm Macro may also serve me as a 96mm portrait lens 
until I buy something equivalent in Canon glass. Part of the decision 
about future lens purchases is how much trouble the stop-down metering 
will be with the Leica lenses. Some people say it is no problem, others 
say it is a major PITA, so I will just have to find out for myself.


Don Dory wrote:

> Nathan,
> I am rather curious about which lenses you plan on acquiring for the
> 10d.  A friend of mine has been going through lens roulette trying to
> find the right set.  Standard classic dilemma, fast enough zoom is way
> to large, doesn't want single focal lengths, still wants biting
> sharpness.
> Don
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> Roger et al.
> Just to clarify--I am converting to digital only partially. My outfit of
> the future will be a Canon DSLR and an M6 with their associated lenses, 
> the M6 loaded with Tri-X 90% of the time and the DSLR used for color 
> work. I have come to recognize that while I am pretty good at shooting, 
> processing, scanning and post-processing B&W film, my results from 
> scanned E6 or Kodachrome leave a lot to be desired. The output I saw 
> from the Canon was far superior to anything I have done in color using 
> film. And that was using cheapish Sigma lenses; I look forward to 
> putting my 100mm Apo Macro on the 10D when I get it next week and see 
> the results of that!
> For travelling really light I will continue to use the CL.
> Nathan
> V.Roger wrote:
>>To Nathan and Paul-
>>Many thanks for the comments- I consciously choose for
>>post photo blur and for sharpness both in PS. - I am
>>in a way sorry that Nathan is coverting to digital,
>>although I seem to have done it myself- The DSLR I use
>>has been wonderful- I wonder if you might be
>>interested in the annexed site:
>>Leica Users Group.
>>See for more information

Nathan Wajsman
Almere, The Netherlands
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