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Subject: [Leica] Ted Gramt: Getting VERY old!
From: msmall at (Marc James Small)
Date: Sat Jul 17 19:29:58 2004
References: <000701c46c0f$36586b10$> <>

At 02:56 PM 7/17/04 -0700, Ted Grant wrote:
>> Inside every old guy is a young guy wondering what the hell happened.<<
>Yeah but at 75 I haven't had that experince yet! ;-)  Dang I'm still a young
>guy waiting to git old..............  if it can catch me! ;-)


Quit trying to lie to make friends.  We all know that you are at least 275
years old and that you used to sit around the table with Ben Franklin and
Charles James Fox and the Duke of Portland and William Pitt, the Younger,
and dicuss the whichness of what.  After all, didn't you give lessons in
technique to some of the great English portrait artists of the era?  I
understand that you only emigrated to Canada shortly after it was founded,
in your early middle age.

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