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Subject: [Leica] Why a digital M
From: bdcolen at (B. D. Colen)
Date: Wed Jul 14 11:29:36 2004

If you'll go back through last night's posts, you'll see I already notified 
you that I am consuming quantities and quantities of crow...:-)

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B. D. Colen7/13/04

>the 2 1/4s that is self-contained - no
>computer tether, power supply, etc. - that takes a CF card or the 
>that holds at least the 12 images of a standard 120 roll of film, so that 
>camera has the flexibility it has with a film back, then we can talk.

Then let's talk because:

"The first medium format backs that could operate in the field without being 
tethered to a computer were the Kodak DCS Pro Back, and Kodak Pro Back 645. 
These were 16 Megapixel backs covering less than full frame. I write "were" 
because in early 2004 Kodak in its wisdom (and as part of its survival 
strategy) decided to discontinue the Pro Back line. I should add that I have 
a Pro Back 645 and use it with my Contax 645 system. In fact it is the 
benchmark against which I test and compare other medium format backs.

There are currently two other generally available portable 22MP backs on the 
market ? the Imacon Ixpress 132C and the Leaf Valeo 22Wi. From a portability 
issue the Phase One P25 has an advantage because it is completely 
self-contained. Back, battery, memory card slot and screen are all in one. 
Attach it to a medium format camera and you're shooting. The Imacon and the 
Leaf don't need to be tethered to a computer the way some earlier backs 
were, but each requires some form of external connection. The Imacon has a 
built-in colour screen, but needs to be attached by cable to a device called 
an Imagebank that can be carried on your belt. This contains a 10GB hard 
disk and a battery that powers the whole assembly. The Leaf back similarly 
attaches to an external control unit / hard disk / battery that attaches 
underneath the camera body. There is no built in LCD screen but instead the 
control unit offers a wireless (Bluetooth) connection to an Ipaq PDA which 
serves as a review and!
  control screen."


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