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Subject: [Leica] Digilux2 &/or Lika-Leica2
From: ljkapner at (Leonard J Kapner)
Date: Wed Jul 7 07:24:12 2004


FWIW my experience is essentially parallel to Ted's, although I tend to use
the D2 at lower sensitivity (ISO) settings and on aperture priority, as I
usually want as much control over depth of field as I can get, primarily for
principal subject isolation.

To be honest, I like everything about the way the D2 operates, except the
EVF which I am finding difficult to accommodate. I understand the reasons
Leica (Matsushita) went in this direction and it makes sense from a
packaging point-of-view, but I much prefer the M system's optical approach.

I believe that if I continue to use the D2 on a regular basis, I will get
used to it and it will become second nature to just use it. At least that's
the goal.

I agree with Ted about the quality of the output and overall, I think the
camera is a winner. I find it very easy to move among the M6, M7 and D2 when
I'm working in the field. But then again, I'm not very often shooting as a
PJ or street photographer, as so many of the LUG members frequently are. I
do more of what generally might be called landscape and nature work.

I also have a D1, and since I got the D2, the earlier camera has occupied a
shelf. Perhaps it's time to bless one of my children with a new (to them)



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David Mason asked:
Subject: [Leica] Digilux2 &/or Lika-Leica2

 > However, I am wondering if its just me or if there has been a lack of
> postings of photos and discussions of real usage of the cameras
> referenced in the subject line of this post? I know Sonny and GeeBee
> (and others) are using/have used the Lika-Leica 1 rather extensively -
> but who is using the 2 and what are their opinions besides "that's a
> freakin' expensive Panasonic!!"<<<,

Hi Dave,
I've had one for several months now and so far it's been very interesting.

The subjects I've shot and produced to print size of 12"X18" on 13X19 paper
from an EPSON 2200 have been quite positively interesting. I suppose for
some folks more experienced than I with digital ramifications of life it may
have some faults.

But I'm an absolute rank rookie and haven't fiddled with all the doo dad's
using it almost exclusively on automatic, and quite frankly it does one fine
job, certainly in my in-experienced eyes. And has garnered many compliments
about the reproduced prints.  The prints look great even if the content is
the pits. ;-)

It handles well and there doesn't seem to be the same amount of fiddle
factor I've seen on other digi-cams, it feels comfortable in hand, slightly
bigger than the M7. However it's not a bad learning curve for handling.

No it's not the firm solid feel of an M7, lighter in hand, but as long as it
does the job it was designed for it's OK by me. Yep it's too expensive,
that's a given. But what the hell I'll probably be selling it some day,
replacing it with a near M type camera if and when it makes the market.

I'd have liked an ASA of 800 for better indoor use, however where I have
played with it indoors by available light it's done fairly well. Perfect?
Nope, but not bad for ASA 400.

Anyway for what it's worth there you go eh? ;-)

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