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Subject: [Leica] New Noct images - A walk in the woods
From: mitch.zeissler at (Mitch Zeissler)
Date: Sat Jun 26 07:01:28 2004

Thanks; I've already received one non-LUG request for a poster sized print
of that image.

Re: the cicadas - We've seen the same thing with endless variations.
There's probably going to be some explosions in the populations of some of
the critters that chowed down on the cicadas.  Birds, snakes, big spiders,
fish, etc., were all going to town on them.



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From: Adam Bridge
Subject: Re: [Leica] New Noct images - A walk in the woods


I very much like the first shot 001 looking up through the leaves. It
doesn't have the really extreme bokeh but does have a fascinating pattern of
light and dark. I'll bet it would work super in black and white.

Speaking of cicadas. We were in D.C. a few weeks ago while there were still
a bunch of them around. We sat parked in front a church waiting for my son's
recital and watch sparrows attempting to catch them ON THE WING! The
sparrows were so chubby they could hardly maneuver but after two or three
passes they'd succeed in catching one of the cicadas and then plop down onto
the ground to enjoy their feast - sometimes rolling onto their bellys and
skidding to a stop in a VERY inelegant fashion. I bet there are some fat
feral cats out there from chowing down on birds.


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