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Subject: [Leica] New Noct images - A walk in the woods
From: mitch.zeissler at (Mitch Zeissler)
Date: Sat Jun 26 07:01:26 2004

I agree with all your comments, Mark.  And I've made it a personal point not
to cast disparaging remarks about Olympus or other makes when images from
them have been offered up for viewing.



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From: Mark Rabiner
Subject: Re: [Leica] New Noct images - A walk in the woods

There is nothing swirley or disturbing about the Bokeh of the Noctilux
especially in these pictures BD.  Would they have really looked that very
much different if taken with a good 1.4 lens wide open?  The fact is such a
shot would be unusual and it's results provoking but doubtfully disturbing.

Whenever the word "Noctilux" comes up BD pounces on it with his really
getting to be boring agenda.  No one forcing you to get one BD. As no one is
forcing you to use any other Leica lens; or body.  However on this list you
are going to find many people who do. Perhaps you should give it a rest.

I'm much more open to criticism about my Leica gear from people who actually
use them. And whose optical prescription is not in serious question.

Mark Rabiner

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