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Subject: [Leica] B&W Films/Developers
From: doubs43 at (Walker Smith)
Date: Wed Jun 23 18:31:43 2004

Following a lay-off of some years, I'm returning to an old love...... 
photography. I like B&W films and would prefer to scan the negatives (my 
scanner will do 2400 dpi) as opposed to setting up a "wet" darkroom that 
I don't have the space for at this time. I'm somewhat behind the power 
curve as new films have been introduced that I have little knowledge of. 
The couple of rolls of HP-5 that I've tried have not scanned well and 
the grain is all too apparent when developed in D-76 1:1. I've been 
thinking of trying Agfa or Ilford (bulk rolls..... I load my own) in the 
50 - 125 range and Rodinal. Quality is more important than raw speed, 
although I'll use 400 speed film when necessary. What do others on the 
list use and how well do the negatives scan? I'm open to suggestions.

Walker Smith

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