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Subject: [Leica] B&W Films/Developers
From: daniel.ridings at (Daniel Ridings)
Date: Wed Jun 23 23:55:39 2004
References: <>

On Wed, 23 Jun 2004, Walker Smith wrote:

> Following a lay-off of some years, I'm returning to an old love......
> photography.

Then why on earth did you join THIS list?!


> 50 - 125 range and Rodinal. Quality is more important than raw speed,
> although I'll use 400 speed film when necessary. What do others on the
> list use and how well do the negatives scan? I'm open to suggestions.

You won't find a consensus. The best thing to do is probably to check out
what you can easily get a hold of. If it's Friday evening and you need
film, what are you going to be able to get?

There are so many variables and learning to scan is one of them. I
wouldn't give up on your first choice so readily. What was it? HP5+?

I still shoot film and I still process my own. I've settled for Fuji
Neopan 400. It's available in 35mm and 120. It's forgiving, handles
wonderfully (for me) etc. BUT ...

My daughter is getting into photography now. That's somewhat comparable to
your long lay-off of a few years. I really can't see the point of her
using film. I don't know why I still shoot it. I just do. But I can't
think of any good reason for her to do it. If she wants wet-darkroom
experience, she can do my contact sheets at 5 SEK a roll (around 75
cents). She's getting good pocket money out of that.

You don't like grain, but you want to use Rodinal. I don't mind grain and
its presence has litte bearing on quality (for me). You'd probably get
pretty far with one of the Kodak TMax films and Xtol. They seem to be on
the shelves just about everywhere and I've heard good things about them. I
haven't shot them for years.


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