Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 2004/06/21

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Subject: [Leica] A 180, a R8, my kid and the greyhounds
From: aaron.sandler at (Aaron Sandler)
Date: Mon Jun 21 11:44:59 2004

Gene ( wrote:

>I agree the F3 and MD4 are nice, Until you need to rewind the film.  What a
>complicated procedure to rewind the film.  I have a F3 with data back and
>MD4 sitting down in the basement collecting dust, well the bag it is in is
>collecting dust. ;-)  It is also a very heavy configuration.

Huh?  Complicated to rewind?  I seem to remember just sliding a switch with 
my right thumb and one with my left thumb and the roll rewinding very 
quickly.  Seemed easy enough at the time.

Heavy, yes, I'll give you that one.  But the grip on the MD4 allowed the 
combination to dangle perfectly from my curled long as the 
lens wasn't too big.

*Sigh* I love my Leicas, but I still do miss my F3/MD4 combo.