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Subject: [Leica] musings on Fuji SS 100
From: locke at (Greg Locke)
Date: Sun Jun 20 12:31:30 2004

....if my memory is correct (the last roll of film I hand processed was
around 1996) Neopan was the best film I ever used (the tonal range and
graduation was far better than Kodak or Ilford at the time) BUT  the reason
it was great was because it had such a thin emulsion layer with very high
silver content which allowed for very short developing times. Shorter
developing times means less time soaking and less "swelling" of the emulsion
....thus less grain and contrast.

 But the thiness made it very suseptable to damage in camera and especially
so when loading onto reels. many time did I get little "half-moons" where I buckled the film
during loading...

Scratches along the length of film and through frames is almost always a
camera/dirt problem.

Check your film to see if the scratch shows between the frames.

We have all had the experience of having a hair struck in the shutter which
ruins the image frame but does not show up between the frames.

I'm getting nervous these days as I have been asked to shoot a project ON
B&W film and make prints!!!
No slides converted in photoshop, no digital prints .....

It's hard to find Neopan or Ilford here these days so I think I may cheat a
little and go for the Kodak chromegenics.

Thankfully I have two friends in town who still have working darkrooms. A
small miracle in this city where there are only about 7 - 8 working
professional photographers.

...meanwhile, off to do digital of the Canadian prime ministerial candidate
in the fog.

Greg Locke
St. John's, Newfoundland
 ----JUST RELEASED-------
NEWFOUNDLAND ...journey into a lost nation
by Greg Locke and Michael Crummey
McClelland and Stewart
ISBN # 0-7710-6142-0 

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