Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 2004/06/20

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Subject: [Leica] musings on Fuji SS 100
From: ericm at (Eric)
Date: Sun Jun 20 06:08:28 2004

A while back, I posted about buying SS by mistake instead of Acros.  I don't
believe I'll be buying it again.  I can't blame SS with 100% certainty, but
I've noticed some scratches on SS negatives that I haven't seen elsewhere.
I noticed this after I had already uploaded it.  I'll correct it if I decide
to keep this one online for a while:

At the top of the frame, you can see a vertical white scratch near the
middle of the balloon.  The scratches always run the long way on the
negative.  They may or may not be on the entire roll.  The one just covered
a couple frames.  Only on SS.  Never on Neopan 400 or 1600 or Acros.  (This
could just be a coincidence, though.)  I've checked my camera backs.
Nothing.  Could be something in the lint trap, but I would think that would
always make the scratch go the entire length of the roll.  I don't think
it's in developing, because I developed 3 rolls of SS + 1 roll of Acros.
The Acros film had no scratches.  I use a bottle opener to remove the film
in the dark, so it's not I'm dragging it back through the lint trap.


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