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Subject: [Leica] hot air balloons
From: locke at (Greg Locke)
Date: Sun Jun 20 12:31:31 2004

I usually don't do this but sinced you begged :^)

I've been doing a lot of editing (mine and other peoples work) over the past
year so I'll put on my photo editors hat again.

  ...A photo editor is a contankerous creature who talks more about the
overall package than quality of individual pictures while not ever been on
the location or knowing the technical or physical limitation facing the
Thbey also have a bad habit of "pre-visualizing" what it is they think
SHOULD be the picture you bring back.

I used to work for a photo editor who, on major events, would sit in the
office/hotel watching the TV coverage and then ask for specific pictures he
saw on the TV when we all got back from the field.  AAARRGGGHHHH!!!!

Not being there and not knowing what equipment you carry I will speak as a
photo editor who was brought these pictures and offer the following....

You have picked a difficult subject to shoot black & white. Without colour
it means you have to work twice as hard on composition and light ...and the
energy of the people.  ...and, overall, you did a good job.

As a "photo-essay" or event coverage its pretty good. My only gripe would be
all the pictures are taken from the same distance.
I:E: I would like to see a closer shot of the guys working in the basket
(such as frame 15).  Hands, faces....
You already have the wider shot so move in, cut most of the ballon out and
lets see the detail of what they are doing.

If you had been sent to the event and only had to get one picture, you did
well. #6 is your best shot and I would have no problem running this in a
good newspaper or magazine.

Over all, the individual pictures good but if you varied your composition
you would get a greater variety of images which would better tell the story
of the day. The number #1 RULE is always "GET CLOSER". And it's the number
one rule because it's the hardest one to do ...even for pros.

If I was editing for a newspaper or magazine spread I would keep 2,3, 7, 12,
16  and send you back for more specific and detailed shots. 

To fill out this "story" I'd like to see a shot of a group of balloons in
the sky (one just launched with others in the sky in the background
came close to the idea with frame #7) and I would like to see some closer
shots of the action in the basket as the balloon launches... The movement of
hands, signs of "action" and expressions on faces.

So its not a case of the pictures being bad, you do have good pictures
there, it more a case of a greater variety and compositions to tell a more
complete story.

...good shoot.

Greg Locke
St. John's, Newfoundland
 ----JUST RELEASED-------
NEWFOUNDLAND ...journey into a lost nation
by Greg Locke and Michael Crummey
McClelland and Stewart
ISBN # 0-7710-6142-0 

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> Xtol 1:3.  1-5 are Fuji SS 100.  6-17 are Neopan 400.
> 17 pictures are probably about 11 too many of balloons.  :)  
> Which ones would you toss?  (And saying to toss them all 
> won't hurt my feelings.  I have a thick skin.  I promise.  
> Just please tell my why you'd axe them all.)

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