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Subject: [Leica] Re: An R series question R8?
From: tedgrant at (Ted Grant)
Date: Fri Jun 18 20:23:05 2004
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Douglas M. Sharp wrote:
 > I too don't particularly like the styling of the R8/R9 and I'm  >not sure
whether I would ever use the advantages it has >over the R7, so until the
older cameras break down >irreparably (or somebody "drops one in my lap")
I'll stay away from them.<<<<

Douglas mon ami,
Looks do not make a camera! And I'm sure you're well aware of that. However,
I must ask, did you ever take an R8 in hand, burn a dozen rolls or so and
see the results or feel the machine in hand with a number of different
lenses or with motor?

If not, how can you possibly justify making a comment on the camera and it's
handling, incredibly brilliant viewfinder and it's functionality when you
haven't used it during an assignment?

My first of three R8's arrived in Dec '96, came out of the box into service
as though it had been designed for my hands. My initial reaction was... "How
soon will the other two arrive?" My biggest pain in the ass was not having a
motor for it as it drove me crazy trying to work with it and two motor
driven R7's.

Due to being a one eyed photographer, left eye. I always use motors and if
anything the delayed R8 motors were the biggest pain in the ass, but when
they did they went immediately into battle!

Yes a few folks had glitches, as did I, which Leica rectified immediately as
they did with others. Today this camera is without question the best of the
breed IMHO. I haven't up-graded to the R9 as I didn't feel it was
economically worth it at this time.

As far as I'm concerned having used them from the original Leicaflex to the
R8, the R8/R9 are the best of the lot.

The SL-mot? A beauty! A real machine in hand you could drive nails with for
their, as I jokingly referred to them, built from regurgitated WW2 Tiger
Tanks for their robust build. But I feel the R8/9 out performs the SL as
great as it was. I still have the original first body I purchased many moons
ago. And you bet it still works quite well.

Each of us have our opinion, as you yours, however being down on a camera,
the R8 due to it's "looks" is hardly a justifiable reason for dismissing it
for use.

Over to you mon ami.

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