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Subject: [Leica] slide scanner/data base
From: mark at (Mark Rabiner)
Date: Thu Jun 17 19:05:28 2004

On 6/17/04 7:28 AM, "G. Michael Paine" <> wrote:

> I am considering scanning my 49 year's worth of slides. And I would
> like to have them in some sort of soft ware which will allow me to
> access by various criteria: e.g., name; place; date, etc.
> I need assistance in deciding on a scanner. I do not need nor can I
> afford a "pro" level scanner, but rather one that will give me a decent
> digital image that will allow slide show on my iBook. For better
> presentations I can always haul out the projector.
> As for the software. I don't even know if such a data base exist, but
> would appreciate any help.
> Michael
> Against stupidity the Gods themselves struggle in vain. /Schiller/

As you have probably thousands of slides if you got a real pro level scanner
it would cost you 2 cents a slide more and as this will be taking you weeks
it adds 2 cents to your hourly rate (leisure) which would be a fraction of
In other words I'm saying wait till another paycheck comes in and get a
scanner like the Nikon ls 5000 and make scans which can do more than just be
put up on a monitor. You'll have a body of work which can be printed in a
variety of ways and sizes or otherwise outputted successfully.
And spontaneously.
Having a body of work which you've spend days to weeks putting together but
consists of glorified thumbnails of your work does not seem like a
successful use of time and materials.

Yes you can go back and rescan the slide if you've got your body of work
organized with "Extensis" which I believe is the standard of the industry
and is about to come out with an incredible upgrade.
IF you can make the thing work for your regardless.
I say it's not the same thing at all.
Some day you'll die and your body of work will be on cd's in small cheap
scans. Just about anyone I'd think would need a better self image thing
going for them.
Even if the vast majority of your work was Kodachrome.

And that requires usually a better scanner to do anything with.

Mark Rabiner
Portland Oregon

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